The Technical Faculty Bor of Belgrade University visits our construction site in Serbia.

Our winding machine project for the customer Slavkaliy is on the right track.

On 13 August 2019 we received the official order for the rehabilitation of shaft 1 in Mol, Belgium.

TS Technologie + Service has been awarded the contract for detail engineering, prefabrication and assembly of the test rig piping and a WHRU unit with pipe bridge for a turbine test rig.

Arge AKV 1 finishes the mining works.

OLKO supplies winding machines with highest safety standard for a mine in England.

...however, mining work continues for THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH.

When the German coal industry officially ends in December 2018, this will be a special date not only for the directly affected employees of RAG and the regions where mining has been around in recent years, but also for a large number of service providers and suppliers.