luftbild thumbThe THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU HOLDING GMBH (hereafter: TS HOLDING) manages and coordinates the business activities of the THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU Corporation in Germany and abroad with its central service departments Purchasing and Logistics, Accounting and Finance, Treasury, Car Pool, Personnel, Working Safety, Informatics, Controlling, Law and Public Relations. Competence and diversity as well as global networking and tradition are the pillars of our efficiency.

The main companies of the corporation in which TS HOLDING is directly or indirectly involved are THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH, Bergbau-Spezialgesellschaft Ruhr-Lippe mbH, OOO Thyssen Mining Construction East, SCHACHTBAU Kasachstan GmbH, THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU MINING SERVICES (PTY) LTD, TS BAU GMBH, DIG DEUTSCHE INNENBAU GMBH, TS Technologie + Service GmbH, RAR Rohr- und Anlagenbau Recklinghausen GmbH, OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH, EMSCHER AUFBEREITUNG GMBH and Thyssen Schachtbau Immobilien GmbH.

Furthermore the companies Deilmann-Thyssen Schachtbau sp. z o. o., OOO Thyssen Mining Construction East and TOO SCHACHTBAU Kasachstan belong to the affiliated group (see corporate structure).

TS HOLDING stands for short information channels and target oriented processes. The managing director of TS HOLDING exchanges information closely and regularly with all directors of the affiliated companies with the target of a conformable company strategy and control. The principals of a good governance are the basis for the coordinating and supervisory bodies. They develop a strategy for the corporation, coordinate this strategy with the responsible subsidiaries and care for the implementation. Furthermore the management coordinates the corporate targets, the short and middle-term planning, the control and risk management system and the controlling of each company. Another duty of the management is the coordination of the annual financial statements of each company and of the THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU Corporation.


According to our Corporate Philosophy one of our values is the commitment of responsible action to the advantage of our clients, suppliers and service providers as well as the strict adherence of safety instructions regarding health and environment protection for the welfare of our employees and the community.

THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU HOLDING GMBH and its group of companies respect the applicable law of the countries in which they are active and expect the same from their employees and business partners. The Management Board has implemented a central Compliance-Management-System which prohibits violations against law and ethics. The THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU HOLDING GMBH and its group of companies especially dissociate themselves from corrupt and anticompetitive practices which are inconsistent with fair competition.