A new company, THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU IBERIA LDA, based in Lisbon, was founded in December 2023 to strengthen the company's position as a leading European mining specialist on the Iberian Peninsula.

At the same time, a first customer and order was acquired with ALMINA - MINAS DO ALENTEJO, S.A., which involves the production of three surface shafts using the raise boring method.

Each shaft is approx. 400 m deep and 4.2 m in diameter. The Herrenknecht RBR400VF raise boring rig is being used, which was mobilized within four weeks. The pilot holes are being drilled accurately using a directional drilling system.

The Almina underground mine is located in the south of Portugal near Aljustrel in the Iberian pyrite belt, which extends as far as south-western Spain. Five underground mines are currently in production here and further projects are under development, meaning that additional projects in the areas of raise drilling, core drilling and drifting are being targeted.

Project manager Thorsten Kratz

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