Successful completion of the backfilling of the Amalie shaft.

On 11.03.2023 at 05:30 a.m., the Amalie and Marie shafts were released for backfilling after the mine rescue team had left. Shortly afterwards, our employees climbed into the baskets and made their way down to the formwork platforms to close them and seal them for concreting.

At 09:45, the time had come. The backfilling of the Amalie shaft could begin.

On 10.11.2023, after eight months, 16,339.5 m³ of concrete placed and 643.95 meters of backfilling, the standard backfilling of the Amalie shaft was completed successfully and accident-free at a depth of 10 m.

The concreting of the last 10 m will take place after receipt of the outstanding permit.

A big thank you for the work done and the high motivation of the team!

Christian Emmerich

Betriebsleitung Geschäftsbereich Bergbau

Team from the Amalie site with site manager Reinhold Albersmann

Betonsohle des Schachtes Amalie bei 10 m Teufe
Concrete floor of the Amalie shaft at a depth of 10 m