After a construction period of about 6 years, the work on the ARGE Konrad backfill preparation project was successfully completed in December 2022. Over the entire course of the project, roadway drivage work was carried out from the solid and, in the follow-up cut, the sinking of a Seiger bunker and the construction of a ventilation borehole.

In addition, reinforced outer and inner shells were constructed in all project-related mine chambers and reinforced concrete roadways were installed along with the associated machine foundations.

The total masses for the project amount to 15,780 m³ of excavation, 295 tonnes of reinforcement (bar steel and structural steel mesh), 3,535 m³ of concrete using the dry and in-situ concrete methods and 61,722 m of installed support anchors.

The work was accident-free from May 2017 until the end of the project.

Many thanks to the colleagues of AKV1 for their professional and safe work.

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Pit rooms JV Konrad backfill preparation Lot 1