Double Drum Winders for Kazakhstan.

OLKO recently has been awarded a contract to engineer, produce, supply and commission two Double-Drum Winders and rope sheaves by one of the largest steel making and mining companies worldwide for their operation in Kazakhstan. For OLKO, this is the first project to be realized in Kazakhstan and OLKO is glad that their winders are part of one of the Kazakhstan’s largest mining projects.

Both winders will be used at two different underground coal mines. The mines produce primarily metallurgical coal, Bituminous, used for steel making and therefore shipped to a nearby steel production facility.

In the first stage of the project, OLKO is to supply a Double-Drum Winder for the service shaft. At a later stage, the second Double-Drum Winder will be supplied for the ventilation shaft. Shaft depths are approximately 813 m and 564 m. The winders are designed for one rope layer, thus effects that the Service Shaft Double-Drum Winder has a coiling width of 3,15 m and a diameter of 7,070 m. Additionally, to ensure the availability of the winder, the customer insisted on a special drive design using a gearbox with two inputs and one output. In the unlikely event that one of the two motors has a malfunction, the winder can still be operated with approximately 2/3 of its performance using the second motor.

Both winders are equipped with the well-known and most modern multi-channel braking system, type COBRA-01. In case of an emergency the COBRA-01 enables to decelerate the winder with a constant retardation that can be adjusted to the corresponding local mining regulations. The design of the COBRA-01 braking system is such that each channel is hydraulically and electrically 100 % redundant and replaceable. In the event of safety braking and failure of one brake circuit, the remaining brake circuits take over the full functionality of the brake without falling below the country-specific limit values.

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