Project idea pumped storage power plant Lünerseewerk II.

THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH has been contracted to drill 4 exploration wells at the Lünerseewerk II project.
The Lünerseewerk II is a pumped storage power plant and one of the numerous electricity plants of illwerke vkw AG in the Austrian Montafon.
The total depth of the boreholes is approx. 2,000 m. Two drilling rigs are being used in parallel.
The drilling work will take place at an altitude of 2,000 to 2,250 m. The special challenge of this construction project is the fact that all personnel and material must be flown to the corresponding drilling points by helicopter, both in the course of setting up the construction site and in the further course of the drilling work.
Pumped storage power plants make a reliable contribution to a CO2-free power supply.

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