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Arge AKV 1 finishes the mining works

The work of the joint venture AKV 1 for the excavations of the pits of the backfill preparation in lot 1 was completed on 29 March. The last anchor had to be drilled - a successful surprise for Managing Director Dr. Thomas Lautsch, who did not allow himself to be asked for long.

Thomas Dreyszas, Project Manager, and Clemens Mock, Plant Manager of ARGE AKV 1, reported on site on the services provided by the joint venture since the start of the excavation activities in May 2016. 15,000 m³ of excavated material, 10,000 m² of consolidation and 62 km of anchors were drilled and set, 12 km of which were first-securing anchors and 50 km of expansion anchors.

Dr. Thomas Lautsch and Dr. Jan Tegtmeier thanked AKV1 for their successful work and emphasized the fact that the work could even be completed before the original deadline. A small snack including the possibility of technical exchange rounded off the event underground.

The task now is to dismantle the construction site as far as possible and to concentrate on the installation of the inner shell in the pit washbasin - a rather atypical mining job.

The first coordination talks took place in October 2013. The services for the excavation of the pits of the backfill preparation as the last major mining project at the Konrad mine were put out to tender. This was followed by a large number of bidding interviews and inspections. The procedure ended with the award of the services in February 2016 to the joint ventures AKV 1 and Marti AKV 2 with an award value of € 76.5 million. ARGE Marti AKV 2 is still involved in the construction work due to its larger scope of services.

BGE Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH

Schacht Konrad
Bleckenstedter Str. 50
38239 Salzgitter

Konrad a kompr
Source: BGE Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH

Konrad b kompr
Source: BGE Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH

TS Technologie + Service has been awarded the contract for detail engineering, prefabrication and assembly of the test rig piping and a WHRU unit with pipe bridge for a turbine test rig.

These services were commissioned as part of the construction of a turbine test stand, which is intended primarily for demonstration purposes and customer training. To increase efficiency, a WHRU (Waste Heat Recovery Unit) will also be installed here. This will be connected to the GTP5 test rig and the pipe bridge.

Construction period: Summer 2019
- Pipeline and support planning
- Pipe system calculation and strength verification
- material procurement
- prefabrication and assembly
- Insulation and trace heating
- ZfP examinations
- acceptances
- Version according to EN 13480

156 Meter DN65              Air system piping

132 Meter DN150            cooling water system piping

  84 Meter DN350            water system piping

478 Meter DN350            water system interconnecting piping

144 Meter DN80              gas system piping

  42 Meter DN200            lube oil system piping

222 Meter DN15              hydraulic support system piping

180 Meter DN25              N2 piping


1.438 Meter

... thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG - hier: Mischgasleitung DN1000

OLKO supplies winding machines with highest safety standard for a mine in England

While the last two coal mines in Germany ceased operation at the end of 2018, a new mine is being built in England after decades. Sirius Minerals is currently building a new mine, the "Woodsmith Mine", which will produce high-quality polyhalite (fertiliser) in North Yorkshire from 2021. The polyhalite deposits will be mined via two mine shafts and transported from the mine to Teesside port via a 37-kilometer underground tunnel using a conveyor belt system. After granulation, most of the polyhalite will be exported. The requirements for the harmony between nature and the technology required to mine the mineral deposits are unique in the world.

High-performance technology is needed to extract the material. And this is where OLKO-Maschinentechnik GmbH, a company in the THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU Group, comes in. OLKO was commissioned by Sirius Minerals to supply two large winding machines, so-called double drum Blair machines. The machines will initially be used for sinking the two shafts, which are more than 1,500 metres deep. In the later final conveying operation, one winding machine will be used for conveying the polyhalite and one for transporting people and material. The order value for OLKO is well over 20 million euros.

The production of the components, of which the largest and heaviest have an individual weight of more than 60 tons, is almost completed. The diameter of the drums including brake discs is 6.80 metres. The double drum has a weight of over 300 tonnes, which is not an everyday occurrence even for a company specialising in heavy machinery. There are not many winding machines of this size in the world.

The components are currently being prepared for shipment by sea and land. Major components have been manufactured by qualified subcontractors in Germany and the EU. As far as possible, subcontractors from the domestic area have priority at OLKO when awarding contracts. Also with the completion of this order it was possible to fall back on local companies for some assemblies.

Decisive for the award to OLKO was a convincing safety concept of the hoisting machines, which meets the highest requirements worldwide. The electrical equipment was ordered from Siemens AG, a long-term partner of OLKO. With an output of 9.3 megawatts (equivalent to approx. 12,500 hp), the medium-voltage synchronous motors included in the scope of supply are among the largest in the world. The multi-channel COBRA01 brake system is also used, comparable to an ABS system in a car. This provides gentle, controlled and safe braking of the hoisting machine at all times. The digital speed controller developed by Siemens with SIL 3 (Safety Integral Level 3, corresponds to IEC 61508) is being used for the first time, making it the world's first hoisting machine with this safety rating.

The handling of such large-scale projects poses major challenges for all areas of the company. While design, production and QA have meanwhile completed their part, the logistics department is now in the starting blocks and the equipment is about to be shipped to England. In the coming weeks and months, the assembly and commissioning personnel will then be required to professionally commission and hand over to the customer the hoisting machines, which are among the largest and most powerful in the world.

Carsten Schmidt

Shafts kompr

Drum Halve York Potash

York Potash

RAR erstmalig in Frankreich unterwegs – Verrohrung einer Anlage

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